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How we prepare
the reports
We at aryabhatt believe in Astrology. It is truly the science, based on finite set of principles.
It is the mirror of the Mens life in the Universe. Analysis part of Astrology requires, detailed knowledge of combination of its principles. Which can only be acquired by extensive study and Vast Experience.

This is where Aryabhatt team has the advantage. We have professionals, with minimum of 15yrs. of experience and upto 30yrs. of experience. We are also the largest makers of computer horoscopes in India.

Most of the Astrology reports are prepared manually, by analysing all the aspects of the natal horoscope. So far we have been able to achieve more than 80% accuracy in our reports.

There are many people out there, who have lost faith in Astrology. Just because of few crooks.

We promise you,
We will make you believe in Astrology

Our reports are prepared by the team of two professionals, taking the common opinion. We also specify the remedy with most of the reports.
Payment Methods
By Demand Draft & Money Order
The payment can be made by Indian Demand Draft/M.O. in favour of:
Sapphire International, payable at Jaipur.

Postal address:
Sapphire International
Bhavishya Darshan,
Opp. Hawamahal,

We Accept
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By Credit Card & Net Banking

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Our payment gateway is fully secure,

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gap.gif (51 bytes)yellow-dot.gif (45 bytes) Horoscope Consultancy Services

gap.gif (51 bytes)yellow-dot.gif (45 bytes) Vedic Marriage Compatibility & Horoscope matching

gap.gif (51 bytes)yellow-dot.gif (45 bytes) Personalized Career Guidance report

gap.gif (51 bytes)yellow-dot.gif (45 bytes) Remedial Astrology (Astrological solution to better life)

gap.gif (51 bytes)yellow-dot.gif (45 bytes) Personalized predictions for Year-2003

gap.gif (51 bytes)yellow-dot.gif (45 bytes) Astrology Counseling and Consultancy

gap.gif (51 bytes)yellow-dot.gif (45 bytes)
 Printed Horoscope (from Worlds largest horoscope company)

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 Your Home and Nature Harmony.

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 Exclusive Astrology Financial Report

All the astrology reports & data are processed in strict confidance

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Astrology Related Queries Astrology consultancy services
You can use these services, to ask any particular question(s), related to your Business, Job, Marriage, Love, legal dispute, partnership, future, health, remedy, horoscope etc.
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Astrology Marriage Compatibility Report

Matching of horoscope on the basis of unique and ancient 8-fold vedic test of horoscope matching looking at the man and woman natal chart.
This technique was formulated about 3,000 years ago and compares various aspects of natal chart.

How It Is Done   Sample   Match Horoscope
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Astrology Career Report

n today’s highly competitive world, a number of professions have emerged due to advancement in Science, technology, sports, medicine, agriculture, education, media etc. making it more difficult for a native to choose a field to pursue his/her career in.
This VEDIC ASTROLOGY report can help you plan your career and make better decisions and risks to plan your next move for a better and secure future.
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Astrology Remedy Report

REMEDIAL ASTROLOGY (Astrological solution to better life)
Remedial Astrology provides solution to reducing the evil effects of the negative planet. The detailed report is composed of Gems Remedy, Mantra Remedy, Yantra remedy, Period wise remedy and other solution. A must for everybody.
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Astrology Yearly Report

PERSONALIZED PREDICTION for 2003-2004(Complete analysis of year ahead)
The complete Glimpse of the year 2003-2004. We have compiled this report on the basis of Vedic Astrology Principles. The report gives the month wise detailed analysis of the year ahead. Taking into consideration your horoscope, Transit and Dasha.
We will take care of important expected events in the year to come. Will suggest you Remedy to expected problems. Suggest you do's & don't in the coming year. Must for you, in the new year...

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Get The
from world's
Largest Horoscope Company
Printed Horoscope: The complete printed horoscope at your doorstep

It is the most accurate horoscope Meeting the NASA standards. Prepared through the best Astrology Software.
The horoscopes are printed on Best Quality white paper. And binded by best quality of thermal binding/Spiral Binding.
From the largest makers of computer horoscopes in India. You can order horoscope from any part of the world. 
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We will be there, when you need us most

gap.gif (51 bytes) YOUR   PERSONAL Astrological Consultancy and Counseling
A special Consultancy Services, for the period of 40 days.
During our continuing endeavor to provide serious astrological services to our valued members/visitors, we have often felt that there is a need to be in contact for a prolonged period of time. This conclusion has been seconded by many of our clients.
Now, Aryabhatt Astrology brings to you a service, specially designed for fulfilling this need for prolonged contact and exchange of heart felt thoughts, through Personalized Counseling.


gap.gif (51 bytes) Your Home And Nature Harmony
Service for Vastu Consultancy. You can Order for online Vastu Consultancy Service or Can order for Location Visit of Our Vastu Expert Mr. Satish Sharma.
Know more about the origin of Vastu, Vastu Purush, Land Selection, Shape of Land, Place of Worship, Astrology & Vastu.
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gap.gif (51 bytes) Exclusive Astrology Financial Report
A complete Financial Report.

This report includes the most suitable way to earn money, Areas in which success is possible, positive & negative period in the comming time, Any bad combination of planets holding back monetary success.

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