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Some of the queries asked by visitors of

Query 1: Future events for one month ?

(From Helder Araujo from Presidente Prudente, Brazil)

Answer : This is a month of mix nature for you, with more good results than the adverse. You enjoy good health and your will power will increase. Your enemies will defeated. Your profession or business will flourish. You may earn enough money this month. You will have keen interest in Astrology, tantra mantra and allied subjects. Try to avoid unnecessary expenditure as it can be a main cause of your mental tension.
Query 2: I have been unfortunate in my love affair, the person is a foreigner whom I met in 1996 February. He has since told me he is with someone else, this May. My parents want me to have an arranged marriage. Will I be able to have a love or an arranged marriage ?

(From Sunita Wickrama from Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Answer : You are born in Cancer ascendant . The lord of 7th house in your chart is Saturn situated in 1st house (Janma Lagna) aspected his own house (7th). The fifth house lord Mars is posited in 9th house. Jupiter is also aspected the 7th house. There are no clear relations between 1st, 5th and 7th house. The dasa present at this time is that of Mercury with sub period of Mercury itself. Mercury is lord of 3rd and 12th house and not helpful in love affairs, we expect that you will have a arrange marriage with your consent.
Query 3: I am already 30 yr. old and as yet unmarried and very worried. Please tell me whether I will get married or not. If yes, then please tell me exact month and year when i will get married. Will I settle abroad or in India? Will my husband be professionally qualified/engineer or not?

(From Alpana Agarwal from Lucknow, India)

Answer : You are born in Sagittarius ascendant. The lord of 7th house is Mercury posited in 3rd house (Aquarius). The 7th house aspected by Mars and Saturn is real cause of delay in marriage. The dasa of Jupiter started in April 2001. Jupiter is your lord of Lagna and 4th house and capable of conferring your auspicious results. Gochara position is favourable as Jupiter transiting 2nd place from your birth sign & 7th place from your Lagna. In our humble opinion your marriage can take place in Mercury Pratyantar in Jupiter dasa. Jupiter sub period in Feb-March 2002. As there is a Parivartan yoga between lord of 12th and 1st house, you can settle abroad latter in life. Your husband may be professionally qualified or engineer because Saturn and Mars aspected 7th house.
Query 4: I have got two sons. I want to know in which discipline they will go for studies and employment.

(from Michael from Los angeles, America)

Answer : You are born in Capricorn ascendant. The fifth house in your chart contents Ketu aspected by Rahu, Mars and Saturn. The lord of fifth house Venus situated in 3rd house Pisces his exaltation sign. As Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Saturn influence your 5th house and Ketu influence lies on your 9th ho use it is hope that they prefer science subjects. I think they will start their career as computer scientist or Engineer. For further details we advise you to send the horoscopes of the children. Their horoscopes are more useful to study their career prospects.
Query 5: I am suffering from deep vein thrombosis from the past 3 yr. as it turned out to be hereditary as it was seen in my mother recently. Allopathic doctors say that it will not be cured for the rest of the life and my homeopathy doctor says that it can be cured. First it has appeared in the left leg and now it is seen in the right leg. I want to know whether it leave me or not or it will remain throughout my life.

(from Gundlagutta Ravikanth Reddy from Andrapradesh, India)

Answer : You are born in Aquarius ascendant. Mercury is lord of Vein and nervous system and he is posited in 4th, combust and aspected by Saturn & Rahu. Rahu posited in 8th aspecting 12th (legs) & 2nd (Pisces rasi representing legs) also. The dasa at present is that of Mars. Mars is combined with Saturn so he is unable to give favourable results. Further he is lord of 3rd and 10th, not so good for Aquarians. Rahu dasa started from august 2001. Rahu posited in 8th house not good for health in question. Sadesati of Saturn is also cause some problems. You can cure but after prolong and regular treatment.
Query 6: I have failed in 11th class although I got 78% marks in tenth class, now I want to know that how much marks I will get in twelfth class, I am preparing well.

(From Nihit Kulshreshtha from Jaipur, India)

Answer : You are born in Leo ascendant. The house of education and intelligence (5th house) contains Jupiter (in his own house) aspected by moon and saturn. Jupiter in the 5th house blessed you with high education and good intelligence but aspect of Saturn can make some or delay in your success. The major period of Saturn (lord of 5th and 7th house) is continuing. The sub period of malefic moon ends in October 2001. In Gochara (Transit) Jupiter enters your birth sign Gemini from June aspects your 5th house. We expect that with the blessing of Jupiter transit and sub period of karaka Mars you can get 1st division marks in next examination.
Query 7: Please suggest suitable gemstone : Love and Marriage life.

(From Joseph D'souja from Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Answer : You are born in Gemini ascendant. The lord of 7th house Jupiter is situated in 11th house aspecting his own house Sagittarius. According to K.P. astrology, Jupiter represents your 7th house, the house of love and marriage life. So in our humble opinion you can wear the stone of Jupiter i.e. Topaz of Sunhela. You take Topaz or Sunhela at least 4 1/4 rati of weight fix in a golden ring. It can be wear on Thursday morning at sunrise chanting the mantra of Jupiter "Om Brahm Brahaspatye Namah" at least 108 times. This ring may wear in Index finger.
Query 8: My wife has been having extra marital relations with her boss, she has asked for divorce and I have agreed. Please tell me whether she has been unfaithful and tell me whether we will finally separate. We are living separate now.

(From Terry Keith from New York, Paris)

Answer : You are born in Leo ascendant. The seventh house in your birth chart contains Rahu in it aspected by Jupiter and Ketu and lord of seventh house shifted to 9th house debilitated and aspected by these two planets i.e. Jupiter and Ketu. The major period of Rahu is continuing and the mahadasa of Jupiter will start from Feb 2002.  Rahu is incendiary planet and generally play havoc in the marriage and family life if ploud in the 7th. Your wife has been Scorpio ascendant with lord of the seventh house Venus situated in 3rd house in the company of Jupiter and papkartari of Sun and Mars. The seventh house contains Saturn aspected by Jupiter. The major period of Jupiter is continuing. In our humble opinion it is a case of misunderstanding and lack of tact and patience from both side. The major period of Jupiter contains better results for you from Feb 2002 onwards with some tact and patience. You can save your marriage life. The saving grace of Jupiter will help after Feb. 2002. So please forgive and forget it better instead of fighting for divorce and imuting mental tensions.
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