Shri Vijai Kumar Lunia
He is around 66 years in age, but still a young man by heart. Jeweller by profession, and having the basic knowledge of astrology. He is the one who is reason behind the success of Bhavishya Darshan. The real visionary

He started Bhavishya Darshan some 14 years back, with the aim of helping the poor and needy people.

Driven with the same spirit, today Bhavishya Darshan
is the largest organisation in India in the field of computer horoscopy. The credit for which goes to Mr. Lunia

Shri Mohan Lal Sharma
The complete profile of  Shri Sharma is available at


Shri L.P. Sharma
The oldest employee at Bhavishya Darshan, He is working with Bhavishya Darshan for more than 28 years. He joined Bhavishya Darshan at very young age.

Though not much educated, but very hard worker. He has been the backbone in establishing the roots of Bhavishya Darshan in year 1988.

He is also having the good knowledge of Astrology. He is looking after the routine general activites at Bhavishya Darshan.

Mr. Harminder Maini
Aryabhatt, which is the R&D wing of Bhavishya Darshan is headed by Mr. Maini. He is a computer professional, having more than 10 years experience of Software Industry. 

Started his career as a Computer Faculty, he later on moved to the position of centre manager in the same computer institute. He is having varied experience of different software industry.

He joined Bhavishya Darshan some 3 years back, as a Director of Aryabhatt. It is under his guidance the idea of developing the Aryabhatt website took shape.

He is having great managerial skills and good knowledge of computer technologies. He has been always creative in new innovative ideas. Today Aryabhatt is at the stage of   large scale diversification under his leadership.

Mr. Chetan Maini
The computer expert, having mastery on different computer languages and environments. He his having more than 6 years of experience in software industry.

He is working with Aryabhatt for more than 3 years. He has been taking care of development of  Aryabhatt Astrology software.

He has also developed the good knowledge of Astrology and astronomy. He is great helper to all the staff members in different technical problems.
Mr. Sanjay Gupta
If you see somebody at aryabhatt, who is above 6 ft. Either having a bit of tension or a small smile on his face. He is Sanjay.

The great programmer, but you will quite often find him entangled in some small problems. But at the same time he is real hardworking fellow. Astrology always confuses him..

Mr. Yogesh Kundnani
Most of the time you will find him glancing at his screen. Just viewing his page, trying out different combination, different colors, different images. Never sure about what looks best.

He beleives in trying out all the permutations and comibinations for designing the page. At the same time he is having good programming skills, though he sometimes takes lot of time in designing the final page.

Mr. Mayank sharma
Taking care of designing part of Aryabhatt. Though everybody at Aryabhatt has some graphics skill. Mayank is having the good expertise in different graphics platforms.

Very quiet person ans simple in nature.
Mr. Gunjan Sogani
The keyboard expert. He prefers working in almost all the softwares just using the keyboard. Rarely touches his mouse.

Good knowledge of general designing packages. Also taking care of Hindi Section of Aryabhatt. Though he does not enjoy the translation job.

Bhavishya Darshan
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