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Chapter -10
"The Vibhuti Yoga" or "The Yoga of Manifestation"

This chapter dwells on the manifested attributes of the Lord in some detail. Therefore, it is called "The Vibhuti Yoga" or "The Yoga of manifestation"

Shri Bhagvan Said
  1. The blessed Lord Said : O Arjuna, again listen to my word having supreme importance. Being desirous of doing good to you, I will speak to you now, since you are beloved to me.
  2. My origin is not known to the Gods nor to the great seers because I am the cause by which Gods and the Sages come into being.

  3. One who knows me as the unborn, without beginning and also the great lord of the universe, he among the men is wise and freed from all sins.

  4. Discernment, wisdom, freedom from delusion, patience, truth, self control and calmness, pleasure and fear and fearlessness.

  5. Non-violence, even mindedness, contentment, penance, charity, fame and illfame are the various states of beings emanating from me only.

  6. The seven ancient great Seers, and four Manus also are of my nature and are born of my mind and all other creatures in the world are under their rule.

  7. One who knows the truth, this glory and power of mine becomes one with me while fixed in yoga, this is certain.

  8. I am the beginning of all from me the whole existence has come into being. Knowing this truth the wise worship me, full of devotion and faith.

  9. Their minds are established in me, they have given up their lives to me even, enlightening each other and always talking about me, they get contended and rejoice in me.

  10. Those who are constantly devoted to me and worship me with love, I bestow upon them this oneness of intelligence with me, so they come to my state.

  11. Those who remain in my own state, I feel compassion and thereby destroy the darkness of ignorance by the glowing flame of knowledge

    Arjuna Said

  12. Arjuna said,  you are the supreme Brahma, the supreme Goal, and the supremely pure, the everlasting, divine person, the first among the Gods, the unborn that pervades the universe.

  13. All the Sages speak of you, as well as the divine Sage Narada, also Asita, Devala, Vyasa and you yourself declare it to me.

  14. I believe as true all that you say to me, O Krishna, neither the gods nor the demons, O Lord, know your manifested self.

  15. In truth you know yourself by yourself only, O Supreme being, you are the creator of the living beings, the lord of creatures, the God of gods, the lord of the universe.

  16. Only you are capable of telling me about your manifestations, completely as by these manifestations you pervade all the worlds and dwell in them.

  17. How can I know you, O Yogi, by meditating upon you constantly? O Blessed Lord, in what various attributes are you to be thought of by me?

  18. O Janardana (Krishna) tell me again in detail about your manifestations and your yogic excellence; because I am never satiated hearing about your nectar like words.

    Shri Bhagavan Said

  19. The blessed Lord Said : O Best among the Kurus (Arjuna), I shall relate to you about my divine manifestations which are prominently conspicuous, for there is no end to my expansion.

  20. O Gudakesha (Arjuna), I am the spirit seated in the hearts of all the living beings. I am the beginning, the middle and the end of the all things.

  21. I am Vishnu among the Adityas, I am Sun among the lights and radiances,, I am Marichi of the maruts and I am Moon among the heavenly bodies.

  22. I am the Samaveda among the vedas, I am the Indra among the gods, of the senses I am Mind and of the living beings I am Consciousness.

  23. I am Shankara among the Rudras, I am Kuber among the yakshas and Rakshasas, I am Agni among the Vasus, and I am Meru among the mountain peaks.

  24. I am Brihaspati among the family priests, O Arjuna, among the war lords I am the Skandha, I am Ocean among the lakes.

  25. I am Bhrigu among the great Sages of the sounds, I am the single syllable Aum, I am the offering of Japa (silently meditating on the deity) meditation among the offerings (in sacrifices), I am Himalaya among the unmoveable things.

  26. I am Ashvatta (Pipal tree) among all the trees of the divine sages I am Narada, amomg the gandharvas I am Chitrarath, among those having reached the state of perfection (Siddhas) I am Kapil the seer.

  27. Among horses, know me to be Ucchaishrava, born of nectar of the king of elephants I am Airawat, and among men, I am the king.

  28. I am Thunderbolt (Vajra) among the weapons, Iam Kamadhenu (the cow of plenty) among the cows, among the procreators I am Kamadeva (Gandarva), I am Vasuki among the Serpents.

  29. I am Ananta (Sheshanaga) among the nagas, of the creatures of water I am Varun of the departed ancestors I am Aryama and of those who administer and uphold laws, I am Yama.

  30. I am Prahlada among the demons, I am time among those who keep calculations, I am King (Lion) among the beasts and I am the son of Vinta (Garud) among the birds).

  31. I am Wind among the purifying agents, I am Rama among the those wielding weapons (warriors), of Fishes I am Alligator, among the Rivers I am Ganga (Ganges).

  32. I am the beginning, the end and the middle of the creations, O Arjuna of the sciences I am the science of the self (brahma-vidya), of those who argue and debate I am the argument.

  33. Of the letters I am Alpha (the beginning ĎAkaarí) of the compound verbs I am the dual, I am also the imperishable time and I am the creator and upholder whose face is turned to all the sides.

  34. I am all consuming and all devouring death, I am the cause (seed) of all that has to come to be and of feminine being, I am fame, prosperity, speech, memory, intelligence, steadfastness and patience.

  35. And likewise, I am Brihatsama among the hymns, of the Mantras I am Gayatri, I am Margashrisha among the months, and I am Spring among the seasons.

  36. I am Gambling among the practitioners of deception, of the glamourous I am the glamour, I am the victory, I am the enterprise and I am the goodness of the good.

  37. I am Vasudeva among the Vishnus (they are a branch of Yadava-clan to which Krishna belonged), I am Dhananajya (literally winner of wealth-name of Arjuna) among Pandavas, I am Vyasa among the sages and also among poets I am Ushra (also called Shukracharya "The teacher of the demons" (Rakshasas).

  38. I am the Rod (danda  meaning both, the chastisement and the rod used in chastising) of chastisement among those who administer chastisement, of those who seek victory I am the wise-policy, I am the silence among secret things and of the wise I am the wisdom.

  39. And moreover, I am the Cause (seed) of the creation of all living beings, O Arjuna and nothing, which can move or which cannot move, can exist without me.

  40. O Arjuna, there is no end of my divine manifestation of forms, I have stated to you in an indicative way of my limitless glory.

  41. Whatever being or thing is there, possessing glory, grace and energy (vigour) all spring up from a part of my splendour.

  42. But, O Arjuna, what for do you need to possess such detailed knowledge? I support this universe upholding with a mere fragment of my self. (Thatís all you need to know).

This is the tenth chapter entitled "The Vibhuti Yoga" or "The Yoga of Manifestation".

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