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The Ridges

The Chinese have recognised the importance of redges and used finger-prints for hundreds of years in many forms for various purposes. The first man to discover that the redges on fingers and thumbs can be used for positive identification was Sr Henry Faulds of England in 1880. In 1892, Sir Francis Galton, who was a famous scientist in England, proved that no two finger-prints are alike.

Ridges are counted between the fixed point in the pattern. These are classfied as :
Loop Type Loop type : Redges run from one side to the other with an apex in the centre.It shows mental and emotional elasticity and versatility. If all the fingers bear this pattern , the person should control his feelings and diversification of Inerest.
Tented Arch : The apex is a perpendicular to the ridges dropping on the sides like the canvas of a tent. Such person are sensitive, susceptible to sound and fond of music. They should live in a peaceful environment. They have a highlystrung nervous system. Tented Arch
Arched Arched : The apex flows across the finger like the lines of a little hump - backed hill. Such a pattern on fingers shows a dominating tendency and a suspicious, obstinate and hesitant nature. Digestive weakness and faulty blood conditions are also indicated.
Whorl type : Its apex is formed by a circular whorl. It shows independence of thought and action. Such persons possess originality of thought but are suspicious. They become conventional to suit their convenience. They have a secretive attitude and do not want to discus their plans with others. They may suffer from nervous digestive functioning or faulty heart action. Whorl Type
Composite Type Composite type : This is formed by two curves or apexes running in looped formation in inverse directions. This type has a practical and material bent of mind. There is some confusion in the mind due to the slow assimilation of theoretical abstraction This type is medically predisposed to a fatty condition of the body.


Every human hand contains good or bad signs, which are important to the general behaviour of the lines on the palm and mounts.
A star is formed by three or more lines cutting each other at a point and forming at least fine, clear radii. It is representative of the fusion of life current at a point . If it is separate and independent, it is powerful. Its position in the  hand will indicate whether it is good or bad.
A star on the top of the Mount of Jupiter along with a good head line shows the acquisition of great honour and position. If the star is found without a good Line of Head, it predicts a head injury or an operation for tonsillitis or separation from wife in old age. When the star is at the base of the mount, the person has contacts with rich and eminent people. If there is a star in the left hand on the Mount of Jupiter, the native is born with a silver spoon in his mouth and will achieve a good position in life. If the Life Line is joined to the star on this mount, the native will achieve success by his intellectual ability.


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