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Astrological Analysis of BUSH Horoscope
Exclusive report
about the outcome
of the war
Astrological Analysis of SADDAM Horoscope

Saddam Horoscope

Ascendent Chart

       In the horoscope of President of Iraq, Mr. Saddam Hussein, the Cancer ascendant is rising at 21. Its Lord Moon is situated in his debilitated sign Scorpio in the fifth house with Mars and Rahu. The Moon is VARGOTTAMA here and creating NEECH BHANG RAJAYOGA being posited with Mars. Lord of ascendant (Moon), significator of mind (Moon) and house of intelligence (fifth house) are under the influence of Mars and Rahu, so Mr. Hussein got the opportunity of having diplomatic and strict personality. Mars is retrograde, which is not a sign of auspiciousness. Debilitated Jupiter and Rahu are aspecting the birth ascendant. Lord of second house (house of money) the Sun is situated in his exalted sign Aries in tenth house, which is strong. and being posited in own sign in NAVAMSA, it has been proved helpful in giving prosperity and authority to Mr. Hussein. Lord of third and twelfth house (malefic) Mercury, posited in eleventh house is making conjunctions of the loss or expenditure of his savings and reserves. In the chart of Mr. Hussein, the lord of fourth house (family, house, conveyance etc. facilities) is Venus, which is posited in its exalted sign Pisces in ninth house. Venus is VARGOTTAMA also and that’s why it made the availability of all the sources of luxury for him. But this Venus is retrograde and aspected by Rahu along with Lord of seventh and eighth house Saturn.

       Retrogression of an exalted sign is not assumed auspicious, so having all the facilities and luxuries, he had to spend a soldier life (disciplined, strict and luxury-less) and was forced to follow the rules and regulations applied by America on the defeat in previous Gulf war. Conjunction of Lord of fifth house (intelligence) and Lord of tenth house (work) Mars with Lord of ascendant Moon in fifth house is giving him a resemblance of a commander of army. Rahu according to his nature, is making this conjunction strong extending this conjunction. Conjunction of Mars and Rahu is mixing cruelty in his intelligence/behaviour and interrupting in the appropriate use of intelligence. This conjunction makes the person impatient and this type of person regrets after working without considering the things. Mr. Hussein revised the same fault in 1990 by attacking on Kuwait. He is still bearing the results of that fault which was done in aggressiveness without intelligence. In his horoscope, the lord of sixth house Jupiter is placed in seventh house being debilitated. This is the indication that his enmity is mainly with neighbouring countries and he himself is reason for the enmity. Either IRAN or KUWAIT, President Hussein has deliberately created disputes with them.

       There is a TRI-EKADASH YOGA between the ascendant (Taurus) of independent India and his ascendant (Cancer), so his relationship with India is friendly. Either U.N.O. or conference of Muslim nations, in the voting on the question of Kashmir, Iraq always has voted in the favour of India, while other countries, who acted as a friend of India, were either neutral or voted in the favour of Pakistan. Lord of seventh and eighth house Saturn is creating Rashi PARIVARTANA YOGA with Jupiter in ninth house. This conjunction indicates the rise of fortune after marriage, as well as brings fluctuations on time to time. Although exalted Venus is VARGOTTAMA here, but it is retrograde and being posited in the constellation of Lord of third and twelfth house Mercury, is aspected by Rahu, so it is not able to give very auspicious results.

       Sun is posited in the exalted sign Aries in tenth house and in NAVAMSA, it is in his own sign Leo. Tenth house is assumed related with govt. and administration and Sun is assumed the significator planet of govt. Because of its position in tenth house being exalted, Mr. Hussein was promoted to the post of president from the post of commander of army. Because of the position of Lord of tenth house Mars at the eighth house from his own house, many conspiracies were attempted to degrade him from his post, but Mr. Hussein found these all with his intelligence and suppressed them. Position of Lord of eleventh house Venus at ninth house is favourable for gain of money but presence of Lord of third and twelfth house Mercury in eleventh house shows that he spends a big part of his income on family and other works despite of saving. The aspect of five planets on eleventh house is giving the indications of having more than five sources of income (hidden and shown).

       Presently Mr. Hussein is passing through the Antar Dasa (sub period) of Saturn in the Maha Dasa (Major Period) of Mars, which will end on 18th Feb 2004. Mars is the lord of fifth and tenth house, so it is benefic. But it is retrograde in own sign (Scorpio) and posited with Moon and Rahu. Retrograde planet is assumed weak in own sign or own exalted sign. It is also assumed that retrograde planets brings instability in life and finally drives towards downfall. Lord of Antar Dasa (sub period) Saturn has become highly inauspicious being the Lord of seventh and eighth house. Being the enemy of Lord of Maha Dasa (Major Period) Mars, it has become very harmful. The DHAIYA of Saturn is starting from 7th April 2003 in GOCHARA. Saturn is in the twelfth house from birth ascendant and it has become more harmful because of its transit into VADH NAKSHATRA (MRIGASIRA) from birth constellation. Jupiter of Cancer is saving him, but at present, that is also weak coming into the aspect of Mars and Saturn at present. So the whole period is very harmful for him. Not performing care may hurt him.

       Mr. Hussein will pass through the Pratyantar Dasa (sub sub period) of Mercury in the Antar Dasa (sub period) of Saturn and Maha Dasa (Major Period) of Mars till 10th May 2003. Mercury is malefic being the Lord of third and twelfth house in his horoscope. Aspected by Saturn, Mars, Rahu etc. 5 planets, it is posited with Ketu. So the period till 10th May 2003 is very adverse for him. During this period, a serious danger may occur not only for his post and reputation, name and fame but also for his own life. He may save himself only from this major trouble by his intelligence, cleverness and grace of god.

Astrological Analysis of BUSH Horoscope Astrological Analysis of SADDAM Horoscope

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Astrological Analysis
of BUSH Horoscope

Astrological Analysis
of SADDAM Horoscope

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