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The Eagle

The Eagle 1

The Eagle 2

The balancing Eagle is an excellent exercise to tone and limber muscles of the legs and arms. Stand on left leg. Twist right leg around it. Entwine arms in front of chest, right elbow tucked in the left with palms over each other ; fingers touch nose. When balance is secure, inhale and bend forward until elbows rest on right thigh or knee. Keep arms entwined with fingers touching nose. Hold for 5 seconds, breathing freely. Relax. Repeat same movements standing on right leg and twisting the left around it. Do this exercise four times, alternating the right and left legs.


The Crow

The Crow 1

The Crow 2

The balancing Crow requires strength in the arms and wrists to support weight of the body when legs are raised. Since this exercise takes a great deal of practice before balance is secure to raise the legs, as a protection place a pillow on the floor between hands, just in case you fall.

First squat on toes, legs apart, with palms flat on floor. Elbows are slightly bent and close to inner part of knees. Inhalse ; press elbows against knees, then try to raise your legs. Breathe freely while holding the pose for 5 seconds, or as long as possible. Repeat three times.

Deep Knee Bend

Deep Knee Bend
This exercise has a two - fold benefit : it develops balance and at the same time limbers and strengthens the knees and feet.

Stand with feet slightly apart and arms outstretched. Balance on toes. Inhale while lowering body, with spine straight, until knees are fully bent. Breathe freely and hold the pose for 5 seconds. Repeat three times.
One - Leg Stant

One-Leg Stant

In this balancing posture, the head, body and left leg are on an even plane, with the right leg firmly supporting the weight. To practise this exercise, stand with feet together, arms clasped behind head, spine straight. Inhale while slowly bending forward, at the same time raising the left leg until you are on an even plane. Breathe freely and hold the pose for 5 seconds. Relax and repeat standing on the left leg. Do this exercise four times, alternating the left and right legs.