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Sanjay Gupta
Sex :Male
Date of birth: 01/01/2002
Time of birth: 00:00:00
Place: Jaipur Latitude: 26:55:N Longitude: 75:49:E
Country: India Zone: 82:30:E
Personal Details
Lagan Virgo
Lagan Swami Merc
Rashi Cancer
Rashi Swami Moon
Nakshtra Pusya
Nakshtra Swami Satn
Charan 1
Yoga Vaidhriti
Karan Taitila
Janam Namakshar HU
Surya Rashi Capricornus
Varana Brahmin
Vashya Jalchar
Yoni Mesh
Gana Deva
Nadi Madhya
Varga Mesha

Planetary Positions
Planet Dir/Ret Speed Degrees Sign
Ascendant ---- ---- 9o2'8'' Virgo
Sun Dir 0o33'57'' 16o16'9'' Sagittarius
Moon Dir 13o58'10'' 3o55'4'' Cancer
Mars Dir 21o57'24'' 22o49'57'' Aquarius
Mercury Dir 16o30'27'' 1o20'56'' Capricornus
Jupiter Ret 4o3'45'' 16o49'0'' Gemini
Venus Dir 7o44'58'' 12o59'31'' Sagittarius
Saturn Ret 1o55'8'' 15o27'27'' Tauras
Rahu Ret 1o35'14'' 2o29'17'' Gemini
Ketu Ret 1o35'14'' 2o29'17'' Sagittarius
Uranus Dir 1o23'14'' 28o34'0'' Capricornus
Neptune Dir 1o2'14'' 13o33'20'' Capricornus
Pluto Dir 1o4'34'' 22o8'51'' Scorpio

Ascendent chart Moon Chart

Lagan Prediction

It is the sixth sign of the zodiac whose lord in mercury I, II, III, IV steps of UttaraPhalguni I, II steps of Hasta and Chitra constellations come under the purview of this sign. Persons born in this ascendance are medium height, wheatish complexion and of average physique. They are not much robust but there personally is attractive. These persons are joyous, tactful and amicable. They have inclinations towards academics they achieve high education. They have traits of artists is them. They are very keen at personal grooming and splendid communicators while they are talking. These emotional persons have a deep insight of human nature. They never get indulged in violent aggression. They believe that their own ideals are the best and lest the others should also become their ideological followers. They do not get enraged but it is difficult for them to pacify if once they get angry but they do not even hesitate to apologize for their misbehaviour.

These persons are emotional, affectionate, shy and honest up to good extent. They can over come their deficiency of sternness and inferiority complex. Their family life is happy and satisfaction derived towards children in good. These persons belong to the group of artists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, teachers, writers and editors. These persons prefer the work of mental labour instead of marvel labour. The individuals who are in active politics are viable to get only marginal success in the field. Their health is not good. The ailments of lungs, swelling, stomach problems, cough and cold, general weakness and fevers can worry them.

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