Lord Ganesha mohan lal
Jyotish Samrat, Jyotish Siromani, Jyotish Vachaspati, Jyotish Bhushan
The great soul on this earth. He got his interest in astrology just by an incidence. The incidence that changed his whole life. In the late twenties he approached one reputed astrologer for some astrological consultation. The astrologer turned him back giving the reason that he is very busy at the moment, so you should come later. Mohan lal ji again approached him, but for the same cause with some different reason. He tried to get in touch with him 5 times. But every time the astrologer turned him back.  This incidence touched his soul, he though what is the use of an astrologer who is not available to the common man. That day he decided that he will become a renowned astrologer, even more expert than the astrologer he visited several times. He also promised himself that he will always be available to the common man.
Today he is one of the most sought after astrologer in different cities of India. Wherever he goes, he create a special place in the heart of the people. People love his simplicity, wisdom, kindness and deep knowledge of astrology. People are always stunned by his amazing accurate predictions. He always emphasized on making correct predictions. He believe that only correct predictions made with specific time interval are important. Apart from astrology he is also having good grip over palmistry and vaastu-science.
He headed so many conferences and seminars. His speeches have been always the source of  spiritual enligment and great knowledge. He is also having expertise in remedial astrology. Most of the 'Anusthana' (Prayers) conducted by him yielded the fruitful result for his natives. He don't charge even a single rupee from those who can't pay. He has given his whole life for the upliftment of divine science of astrology. He believes in helping the poor, the needy one. For them his doors are always open.
He has got lots of rewards in astrology. He is also having international affiliation. He has won lots of prestigious astrology awards. To name a few he has been awarded by "Jyotish Samrat", "Jyotish Bhaskar", "Jyotish Martand", "Jyotish Visesh", "Jyotish eklavya", "Jyotish Vishesh" and lots more. His exclusive predictions have always found a place in leading newspapers. He is one of the first who has given clear predcition of repolling in 1999, and majority winning of BJP government in Center. 
He is also having good practise of chinese astrology, palmistry and suzok( Russian medical science). He beleives, astrology and medical science both are closely related to each other. He can be contacted personally on india@aryabhatt.com