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  Vashi Karan Mantra
(Mantras to control ladies, males, superiors, ministers, colleagues etc.)
       Use of supari
       Use of fruit
       Use of water
       Mohammadan mantra
       To control husband
       Kam Gayatri Mantra
       Kamakhya Mantra
Uchatan   Mantra
(These mantras are used for anybody to distract him from his path, and then wander)
       Rudraye Mantra
       Shareem Mantra
Videshan Mantras
(These are used to create difference between two or more persons. Use these mantras for good and healthy purpose)
       Naradya Mantra
       Stambhan mantra
       Naryane mantra
Stambhan Mantra
(These mantras can be used to stop your enemy, opponents from creating trouble)
       Bhagvate Mantra
Shanti   Mantra
(Shanti mantras are used to cure diseases, to remove influences of souls and planets etc.)
       For good health
       To prevent Abortion
       For Birth of Son
       To cure piles
       Cure from Epilepsy




What is Mantra ?
Mantra is a complete set of words from the Vedas attributed to the deities or Devas. Mantras have come down to us from our Maharishis, saints, Sadhus and Yogis who after recitation of Mantras for several thousand years guided us to follow them.
Mantras are used in Tantrik sadhanas or rituals, whispered or chanted in different combinations and contexts, setting up patterns of vibrations. One must learn to pronounce them properly as well as to understand their meaning. According to old scriptures mantras are the only ways to attain one's desires, provided one recite them with complete faith and prescribed methods and rules.

The recitation of words of mantras should be pure and correct in order to create the right vibrations.

Guidelines for the Sadhaka
A sadhaka is a person who recites the Mantras, meditates and performs all rites to attain sidhi through Mantras. The sadhaka should observe some rules and regulations very strictly while practicing Mantra Shakti.
  • Complete faith unflinching loyalty backed by clear heart towards deity is required for Sadhana.
  • Do not start Mantra Shakti under any pressure.
  • Trust in God, Cosmic Love, Kindness and patience should be the virtues of Sadhaka.
  • Avoid harsh speech, lust, anger, restless thoughts, evil company
  • Do not get emotional
  • Sadhana without any apecific aim bears fruit fruit early
  • In case you see any miracle, do not fear. Keep you WILL POWER strong and continue your sadhana. All troubles will vanish
  • Brahmacharya or celibacy should be observed during Sadhana.
  • In case of failure, do not lose heart. Try it again and again, you will be get success.
How Mantras is useful
Life is a complex combination of incidents and accidents. The proper use of Mantras and recitation is essential for deriving the positive results from mantras.  Concentrate and meditate without having any of your problems or desires to your mind. The mantra should be recited softly so as to be audible only to the person concerned and not to the others. Mantras should be recited in pleasign musical tone, which will help in concentration.
Continous sadhana will enable the sadhaka  to find solutions to the problems, attaining peace of mind and reducing mental strain.
Asanas During Meditations
KRIYA YOGA is the posture or Asana arousing Mantra Shakti
1. Siddh Asana
This Asana is very useful to acquire Sidhi. Even fat persons can practise it . Place one heel at the anus and place the another heel at the root of generative system . The feets or leg should be so arranged that the ankle joints should touch each other. Hands should be placed straight on the knee joints. Sit for 15 minutes with closed eyes concetrating on the God. The Asana is useful in curing rheumatism and keeps the mind and body in order. The eyes must be focussed if not closed , on the space between eye-brows.
2. Padma Asana
Place the rifht foot on the left thigh and then carefuly bring the left foot on the right thigh. This is the physical position for the spiritual process. One must press the tongue against the teeth and chin against Heart. The sight should be focussed on the tip of the nose. Breathing should be slow. It destroys diseases.
3. Pranayam
Pranayam removers all diseases, purifies the Nadis, steadies the mind in concentration, improves digeastion and increases the appetite. It helps awaken Kundalini.

Sit in Padma or Sidh Asana. Close the right nostril with the thumb. Draw in the air very slowly through the left nostril. Retain the air as long as you can comfortably. Then exhale very very slowly, through the nostril after removing the thumb or finger. Do twenty rounds in the morning and twenty in the evening. Increase it gradually.