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Celebrated In : The Savitri lcstival falls on the lull moon day of the month of Jyeshtha, around June.
Women (whose husbands are alive) observe Vat Savitri Vrat with the intention of preserving their good fortune. On the day of Jyestha Krishna Trayodashi in the morning, One should brush their teeth and afterwards in the afternoon women should apply paste of sesamum and amala and after that have a clean bath.

After this women should eat the roots of VatVriksha (Banyan tree) along with water. Women who have just delivered a child or woman having a problem with periods (menstruation) can accomplish this vow through a Brahmin who could worship and fulfil the vow. This vow should be observed from Traydashi to Poornima (full moon) or Amavasya.

One should go near the Banyan tree and sip water and pray “I, on this auspicious day of Jyestha, Krishna Trayodashi pray for the health and will being of my children and husband. Never should I ever become a widow and this is the main intention of this vow. In the roots of the Banyan Tree lies Brahma, in the stem/ barks lie Janardan and in the above portion lies Shiva and in totality lies Devi Savitri. O Banyan tree! I water you, which is like elixir of life.
After saying this the Banyan tree should be tied by string and one should offer incense flower and rice and worship Vat Savitri. After this women should circumambulate the tree. After returning home, women should draw a Banyan tree using a paste made of turmeric and sandalwood. One should sit near the drawing and should pray and take a resolution. One should observe fast for 3 nights and on the fourth day one should offer water to the Moon God and worship Vat Savitri.

One should prepare delicious dishes and offer this to the Goddess. One should offer food to as many Brahmins as possible and then only take food. Finally praying to the goddess one should say, “Goddess Savitri may I accomplish this vow without any hurdles with your blessings.

After worshipping Vat (Banyan tree and Savitri Goddess) one should worship women whose husband is alive with Sindoor (vermilion) Kumkum and betel leaves. To accomplish this vow in totality women’s should offer clothes, fruits, Sindoor (Vermilion) kumkum etc in a copper vessel to a Brahmin.