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Celebrated In : JUNE
This is one of the most popular vows observed in the Hindu community. On the eleventh day of the every fortnight of every month this vow is observed. In this way in a year this vow is observed for 24 days.

Amongst these 24 days the vow observed on Jyeshtha Shukla Ekadashi is considered to be the most beneficial, if one properly observes a vow on this day it is said to give the fruits of 24 Ekadashi observed throughout the year. It is said that Bhimsen would listen that Vyas Muni would observe Ekadashi without partaking food through out the day and one day humbly said that Arjuna and all my brothers observe Ekadashi fast but is simply isnít possible for me. That is why please direct me in such a way so that I observe a vow that gives me the benefit of 24 Ekadashi Vows.

On this request Vyas Muni told Bhimsen to observe fast on Jyestha Shukla Ekadashi. By observing fast on Jyestha Shukla Ekadashi. By observing this your sins of eating on all priors, Ekadashiís will be destroyed and absolved, and you will benefit from all the Ekadashi, which have passed in the year. Bhimsen very sincerely observe this fast, that is the reason why this Ekadashi is also named as Bhimsen Ekadashi.

Because one has to abstain even from water from sunrise of Ekadashi to sunrise of Dwadash this known as Nirjali Ekadashi. Severe austerities have to be practised to accomplish this vow properly. During the month of Jyestha the day is longer and one after feels thirsty. As a result it is difficult to observe this vow without drinking water. This vow can only be fulfilled by meticulously observing this vow, there is a custom of donating gold and a water pot.