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Celebrated In : November

The ninth day of the bright fortnight of the month of Kartika denotes Amla Navami. Nature has always lured the imaginative contours of our minds and subconciously this also is seen in our ancient scriptures. The Amla has been given the status of the divine fruit by Lord Vishnu in the Maha Vishnu Purana.

Amla is used as a major ingredient in preparation of Ayurvedic medicine. The lemony part removes acidity, sweet portion diseffects ulcers and the bitter part cures cough. Its utilitarian pupose accords an important status in the various scriptures at par with Bramha, Vishnu, Maheswara.

On this occasion Lord Vishnu is bathed in Amla paste water by the Habisha or women who observe the Kartika Vrata or fasting. They cook the offering to the Lord under an Amla tree and chant the name of God while moving around the tree. Protection of nature and compassion for fellow beings is the significance of this festival.