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Celebration : Music and Dance Festival
Organised by : Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation
Held At : Elephanta Island
In the month of : February
The Elephanta Festival is a festival of Music and Dance organised by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). This festival is held annually in the month of February. The Elephanta Island, the tranquil abode of Lord Shiva, just one-and-a-half-hour's journey by motor launch from Mumbai is the favoured destination for this festival.
Once known as Puri or Gharapuri, the island was the proud capital of a powerful coastal kingdom. Later the Portuguese found a monolithic stone elephant at this place and named it 'Elephanta'. The Elephanta caves are a showcase of legends created around Lord Shiva, beautifully presented here in all his splendour in the rock cave temples. The festival also involves a boat ride from the Gateway of India in Mumbai to the Elephanta Islands.
During the festival renowned dancers and musicians perform outside the caves, beneath a star-studded sky, to a select and appreciative audience. Special launch services and catering arrangements are provided for visitors.