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Celebrated In : Kasargod, Kerala
Centre of Activity : Ananatpura Lake Temple, Kumbala
Duration : 1 day
In the month of : April
Thapotsavam is the annual one-day festival celebrated on the fifth day after 'Vishu' in the Malayalam month of Medam (April) at the Ananthapura Lake Temple in Kumbala, Kasargod.
The idol of the main deity is carried in a ceremonial procession along the lake surrounding the shrine on two canoes tied together. Popular performing art form, 'Yakshaganam' of the neighbouring state of Karnataka is performed here on the night of the festival. Ananthapura Lake Temple - The Venue of Thapotsavam
The temple is dedicated to Sree Padnabha Swamy (Lord Vishnu) who is depicted as seated on the serpent god Adhisesha (Anantha).