Fast, Fair and Festivals of India Fast, Fair and Festivals of India
Celebrated In : North Cacher Hills, Assam
Celebrated by : Zemi Nagas
Duration : 4 days
Significance : Harvest Festival
Siami is the harvesting festival observed by the Zemi Nagas of the North Cachar hills. It is in fact a festival organised by the members of the boys and girls Morungs of the village.
The Celebration
Like the Bihu festival observed by the neighbouring Dimasa Kacharis, in this festival also the youths are required to get themselves prepared for the observance of this festival much ahead of the actual celebration. Holding the grand feasts with the meats of hunted animals and birds with rice-beer, dancing and singing are the main components of the festival. The earnings of the Morungs by doing physical labour are spent in this festival.
Some Traditional Rituals
This festival continues generally for four days. Brewing of rice beer in large quantities in the name of each of the family members of a family and drinking it in the bowls made from plaintain leaves on the first day, feast for the villagers in the Morungs for three days and three nights, presents of self-woven cloths to the boys by the girls, singing and dancing continuously through out the days and nights by the members of the boys and girls of the Morungs are some of the special features of the festival.
An Interesting Feature
Another interesting episode of this festival is the competition among the boys and girls of the Morungs to recapitulate the names of plants, trees, flowers, creepers, orchids, medicinal plants, etc. and this is perhaps the most educative aspect of this festival.