Fast, Fair and Festivals of India Fast, Fair and Festivals of India
Celebrated In : Karbi Anglong, Assam.
Celebrated by : Karbi Tribe
Significance of Rongker : For the well being of people and good harvest
Significance of Chomangkan : Death Ceremony
Blue and lusty green hills, covered with mist, the giggling springs, fragrance of wild flowers, and the call of the cuckoos have made Karbi Anglong the peaceful abode of the Karbis, the Mongoloid group who migrated to this land several hundred years BC. Karbis are very peace loving people.
Peculiar Features Of The Karbi Festivals
Rongker and Chomangkan are the two most important festivals of the Karbis. Rongker is basically a springtime festival and is performed at the beginning of the New Year. To propitiate different gods and goddesses for the well being of the entire village, the elderly male folk organise Rongker so that people could be free from diseases, natural calamities for the entire year. They pray for a good harvest too. The women are not allowed to enter the worship arena.
Karbi Dance

On the other hand, Chomangkan is a festival, dedicated to the dead. It is primarily a death ceremony. It depends upon the convenience of the locality. This festival is a must for every Karbi. It is a non-stop four days and four nights celebration.