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Celebrated in : Gujarat
To Commemorate : Separation of Lord Krishna & the villagers.
Unique Feature : Biggest Procession in Gujarat
In the month of : July
It is said in the Bhagvath Purana that Kansa had sent Akrur to Gokul for bringing Sri Krishna to Mathura. As Krishna had left with his brother Balram by a chariot leaving behind the Gopis and Gopals weeping, the day is celebrated in remembrance of this most touching separation and farewell.

Every year, the idols of Lord Krishna, Balaram and Subhadra from Jagannath Mandir are traditionally installed on huge chariots. Devotees pull the chariots in a 'yatra' (procession) through the streets. The local king used to serve by humbly sweeping the road ahead with a golden broom.
The mammoth procession of Rath Yatra at Ahmedabad is the biggest in Gujarat. It starts from the Jagdish Mandir situated in the Jamalpur area of the city early in the morning. There are three separate chariots for the idols of Krishna, Balram and their sister Subhadra. The chariots resemble those at Jagannath Puri and are adorned with garlands.
Music bands and Bhajan Mandlis (groups) lead the procession. Decorated elephants also move with the procession and gymnasts and acrobats perform astonishing feats. Numerous sadhus of all Vaishnavite sects and devotees join in this procession headed by the Mahant of Jagannath Temple.