Fast, Fair and Festivals of India Fast, Fair and Festivals of India
Celebrated in : Rann of Kachchh, Gujarat.
Organised by : T C G L.
Attraction : Handicrafts
To promote Kachchh as a destination, TCGL (Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Ltd.) offers the Rann Utsav, a desert festival which is a jamboree of folk dances, music concerts, 'sindhi bhajans', Kachchhi food festivals and stalls selling and demonstrating the various beautiful craft of Kachchhi like embroidery, 'bandhini' (tie-and-dye), black-printed fabrics, leather embroideries, wood carving, silver, metal ware and shell craft.
Participants also have an opportunity to see Kachchhi's numerous attractions like the palaces, museum and royal cenotaphs of Bhuj, the beaches and palaces of Mandvi, the holy lake of Narayan Sarovar, the craft villages of Banni, during tours offered by TCGL. The festival usually coincides with Shivratri, a day with a new moon night dedicated to Lord Shiva, celebrated in Shiva temples of the Kachchhi district.
Surrounded by the sea and desert on all sides, the Kachchhi district is one of India's most vibrant regions. With palaces, forts, colourful villages, enchanting townships, beaches, bird rich marshes, rural lifestyles and beautiful handicrafts, it is a potential paradise for the tourist.
Plenty of colourful dancing, music concerts, 'Sindhi bhajan' performances, 'Langa' desert music, folk arts and craft demonstrations, ballads and other ethnic shows are some of the many highlights of this festival. Stalls sell embroideries, jewellery, woodcarvings and other regional handicrafts.
Generally coinciding with Shivratri, the Kachchh Festival is held when there are celebrations at several Shiv temples of the region. The festival is based on a series of package tours to different places of tourist interest in Kachchh.