Fast, Fair and Festivals of India Fast, Fair and Festivals of India
Celebrated In : Assam
Celebrated by : Dimasa Tribe
Festivity Dance : Dimasa Dance
Significance : Observed before the start of new Cultivation Season.
Rajni Gabra and Harni Gabra are the annual festivals of the colourful Dimasa tribe. It is exclusively a socio-religious festival, which is generally observed before the starting of new cultivation.
The Ritual
Rajni Gabra is celebrated during the daytime. The 'Kunang' or the village headman propitiates family deity by closing the village gate on the puja day. The same night the function called 'Harni Gabra' is performed where the presiding deity is worshipped for the protection and welfare of the people.

A Peculiarity
It is very interesting to note that during the Rajini Gabra and Harni Gabra festival if any outsider enters the village in spite of seeing the sign of closing gate, the entire function is considered to be spoilt. Then the intruder has to bear the total cost for holding the festival anew.
Dimasa Dance