Fast, Fair and Festivals of India Fast, Fair and Festivals of India
Celebrated In : Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh
In the month of : September
Phaulaich is locally called "Ookayand" of 'Ukyam", a combination of two words 'Oo' and 'Kayang'. 'U'-stands for flowers and 'Kayang' for festival - festival of flowers - to see flowers. This festival is celebrated throughout Kinnaur district.
A Festival of Flowers :
On 16th Bhadra (September) about 10 Rajputs of the village go to the high hills to pluck flowers and stay there till 17th of Bhadra. On 18th, they return to the village and spend the night in singing and dancing under the deodar trees.
Some of the flowers are so scented that the outsiders sometimes feel giddiness with its fragrance. Perhaps upper reach of Kinnaur Region is rich in wild flowers and September month is the best month for flowering.

Fragrance of some of the flowers are intoxicated and local people are used to it and under the influence of giddiness they stay 2 nights in the upper reaches and collect different variety of flowers and on returning the third day to the village - the occasion is celebrated as Phulaich.

On 20th morning, the 'Deota' - "Narayan" (Local God) is bedecked with images and fine cloths. The images of other 'Deotas' (Local Gods) - made of Gold and silver are mounted on all sides of the frame. All people - men, women and children dressed in their gayest, dance in the open, under deodar trees with abandon and ease, unknown to the busy world of today.

On 23rd Bhadra - the last day of the festival, the village God is brought back to the temple at the original place and a goat and lamb is sacrificed.