Fast, Fair and Festivals of India Fast, Fair and Festivals of India
Falls on : The Full moon day of the month of Shravan (July - August)
Main Offering : Raksha Bandhan Festival
Religion : Offering of coconuts to the Sea God
Special Preparations : Sweet Coconut Rice
The full moon day of the month of Shravan is celebrated with characteristic fervour in different parts of Maharashtra and is known variously as Narali Pournima, Shravani Pournima, Rakhi Pournima or Raksha Bandhan. 'Naral' means 'coconut', and Narali Pournima is thus called because people make offerings of coconuts to the sea-god on this day.
This festival comes at the fag end of the monsoons in Maharashtra, and offering coconuts to the sea is a sign that the monsoons are over. Narali Pournima also marks the advent of the new fishing season and fishermen appease the sea-god before sailing out in their decorated boats. A prayer is made to the sea-god that he may allow fishermen to go to sea and fish again safely.
This festival coincides with the festival of Raksha Bandhan. The festival is a day of singing and dancing. On this day, sweet coconut rice is made and eaten.