Fast, Fair and Festivals of India Fast, Fair and Festivals of India
Also known as : Kaumudi Celebration
Traditional celebration : Of the moon.
Prayers offered to : Goddess Lakshmi
In the month of : September - October
On the full moon day of Ashwin (September-October) the Kojagari feast is celebrated. The rainy season is over and the brightness of the full moon brings special joy. This is a traditional celebration of the moon and is also called the Kaumudi celebration, Kaumudi meaning moonlight.
At night goddess Laxmi is worshipped. Some people believe that on this night Laxmi moves about from place to place asking, "Who is awake?" ("Kojagarti?") and shows her pleasure on those she finds awake. So people sit in the moonlight singing songs, or keep themselves entertained in some other way. They fast from solid food and take only fluids like coconut water or milk. Milk is boiled till it thickens, and milk masala (a readymade combination of dry fruits) is added to it and drunk.