Fast, Fair and Festivals of India Fast, Fair and Festivals of India
The Hindu year begins on the first day, "shuddha pratipada", of the month of Chaitra. According to Bramhand Purana God Bramha created the world on this day. On this first day of the year the feast of Gudhi Padva is celebrated. On this day a pole named gudhi is erected in front of the house. Padva is another name for pratipada, the first day of the lunar month. A new cloth is tied on the gudhi, a metal vessel is put on to it and a garland of sweets is hung on it. It is a sign of rejoicing to commemorate the victory of Rama over Vail, a South Indian King. With this day begins the new season, the spring. Eating a mixture of nim leaves, gul and cumin seeds is a special observance for the day. The day is considered auspicious for building or entering a new house, putting a child to school, or starting a business.
Rama's Victory Over Vali
    Rama and Laxman in their search of Sita reached the Vanara (monkey) kingdom in the South. They met Sugreeva who with his minister Hanuman, was hiding in the forest for fear of Vali, his brother king. Vali had been challenged by a demon named Maayaavi. Vali and the demon fought inside a cave. After waiting outside the cave a long time, since Vali was not coming out, Sugreeva thought he was dead. He covered the mouth of the cave with a big stone and returned to Kishkindha, the capital, to occupy his brother's vacant throne, and also to take as his wife, Vali's queen Tara. But then Vali appeared and became furious against his brother for what he had done. Vali and Sugreeva became enemies.
Rama and Sugreeva made an agreement: Rama would help Sugreeva defeat Vali, and Sugreeva would help Rama rescue Sita from Ravana. Sugreeva was afraid of Vali, but when he felt sure of Rama's help he went to challenge Vali for the third time. Tara tried to dissuade her husband Vali from fighting. Vali pacified her by assuring her that he did not intend to kill his brother Sugreeva but only to teach him a lesson. And he showed the high opinion he had about Rama, from whom he was not expecting any foul play.
    While Vail and Sugreeva were engaged in fight, and Sugreeva was on the point of defeat, Rama, hiding behind a tree, shot an arrow at Vali, who fell mortally wounded.