Fast, Fair and Festivals of India Fast, Fair and Festivals of India
Celebration : The Birth of Jesus
Celebrated on : 25th December, Every Year.
Religion : Christian
Christmas is a festival, which is celebrated all over the world. The cold winter brings with it a feeling of joy and excitement in the city and towns all over the world. As every where in the world, in India also the celebration of Christmas has always been, and continues to be, a season time to spend golden moments with family and friends, make new resolutions and receive the much coveted gifts of their choice.
Christians in Andhra Pradesh celebrate their festivals broadly on the pattern adopted worldwide. However some influence of local Indian tradition is evident among Syrian Christians who use elephants, umbrellas and traditional music as accessories to their festivities and celebrations. Christmas is a major event in all-Indian Christian households. Christmas
Christians recall the glorious day when Jesus Christ came into the world to be with them and save people from the sins. Christmas began to be celebrated on 25th December although nobody is sure about the birthday of Jesus Christ.
The Season Of Jingle Bells

The churches are filled with people who sing songs and pray and celebrate making goodies and the mouth-watering Christmas cake that tickle the taste buds. The elders go into reverie recalling the sweet memories of the past and get busy with decorations.