Fast, Fair and Festivals of India Fast, Fair and Festivals of India
Celebrated In : Tashiding, Sikkim
In the month of : January & February
Religion : Buddhism
Bum - means "Pot or Vase" Chu - means "Water"

Celebrated at Tashiding in the month of January-February. During this festival, the pot containing the Holy water is opened by the lamas of the monastery. The level of water in the pot foretells the future for the forth coming year. If the water is to the brim, it prophesises bloodshed and disturbances. If the pot is almost dry it signifies famine and if it ishalf full, it foretells a year in which peace and prosperity will prevail.

A part of the holy water is distributed amongst the participant and then the pot is replenished with river water and sealed at the end of the festival to be opened only in the next Bumchu.