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Celebrated In : Assam
Celebrated by : Hajongs
Festival Dance : Hmar Bamboo Dance
Duration : 3 Days
Bash Puja or the worshipping of bamboo is one of the important religious ceremonies performed by the Hajongs. It is held in the month of Baisag, the first month of Assamese year. Three newly cut bamboos are used in the performance of this puja, which continues for three days. An assemblage of villagers cut the three bamboos from a particular grove. After decorating them with white or red cloths the bamboos are fixed on the ground and then worshipped.
The Deities
The two main bamboos represent two gods. But there are divergent opinions about who are the gods. According to some, the two bamboos represent Madan and Gopal (Krishna) while according to some others, they represent Shiva and Parvati. A few scholars regard this Bash Puja as kind of worship to Indra, the king of gods, Majority, however, believe that it is a kind of sex-worshipping and the two main bamboos actually represent Madan Kamdev, the love God and Rati, his consort.