Fast, Fair and Festivals of India Fast, Fair and Festivals of India
Celebrated In : Assam
Celebrated by : Mishing Tribe
In the month of : February - March
Significance : Ceremonial Sowing of Paddy Starts on this day.
The spring descends to rejuvenate life again. Ali-Ai-Lvigang, the spring festival of the Mishing tribe is the most colourful festival held every year on the first Wednesday (Lvigang Lange) of the month of 'Ginmur Polo' (February - March). Ali means root, seed; 'Ali' means fruit and 'Lvigang' means sow. That is why ceremonial sowing of paddy starts on this day.
The Festive Celebration
Dance performed by the young boys and girls is characterised by brisk stepping, flinging and flapping of hands and swaying of hips reflect youthful passions, reproductive urge and joie-de-vivre. 'Poro Aapong' or rice beer and dried fish is essential for the feast.
Festive Celebration
The festival continues for five days and during this festival certain taboos in respect of cutting trees, fishing, ploughing, burning jungles, etc. are strictly observed.