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Celebrated In : The Dark Half of CHAITRA Masa
Sheetlashtami is celebrated in the dark half of Chaitra Masa. People worship SHEETLA MATA this day and eat ...
Once there was an old lady in a village, who used to eat ======= meal after worshipping SHEETLA MATA on the day of BASODA. No one else in the village used to do so.

When the King of the village heard about it, he called the old lady sending his secretary. When the lady reached in the court of king, the king asked him the reason after it. Then the old lady said him, "Maharaj, On the day of Basoda, i worship SHEETLA MATA before taking meal and take the meal made on the previous day. So by the grace of MATA, my hut is safe".
Hearing it, the king announced in the village that every person of village worship SHEETLA MATA on the day of Basoda and eat the meal cooked on previous day.