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Location : Battis Shirala, 50 Kms From Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
Main Attraction : Snake Show
Duration : 8 - 10 Days
Nagapanchami, the festival of snakes attracts tourists to the small town of Battis Shirala, 50-km from Kolhapur. Battis Shirala town is located in a hilly area covered with thick forests having a wide species of snakes right from the deadliest King Cobra to the rare species of Pythons.
The festival falls during the onset of the monsoons and is believed to counter the increased possibility of snakebite during this time, especially since the rivers are in spate.
A week before the festival, young men venture into nearby forests and persuade snakes out of snake-hills. A snake show is arranged that attracts thousands of tourists, from foreign countries too. After a period of 8-10 days these snakes are freed into the forests.