Fast, Fairs and Festivals of India Fast, Fairs and Festivals of India
Celebrated In : Village Seel-ki-doongari (Jaipur).
Deity : Sheetla Mata
Time of the festivity : March - April
The Sheetla Mata Fair is held in March-April, the month of Chaitra, in village Seel-Ki-Doongri (Jaipur). Doongri is a hillock on top of which the shrine of Sheetla Mata stands. The fair is held in her honour every year. The fair attracts hordes of visitors from far and wide. People believe that epidemics spread because of the wrath of Sheetla Mata and hence they worship her and make offerings so that she may be pacified. The deity is represented by a red stone.

Sheetla Mata Festival

It is a veritable picnic for the pilgrims attending the fair. It is customary to cook one's own food at the site, and eat it only after it has been offered at the shrine.
A temporary market comes up at the fair and the rural folk can be seen trading in wares such as shoes, clothes, food stuff, utensils and agricultural implements.
A cattle fair is also organised during the fair. It is a small affair and lasts for about a week. Bullocks, camels and horses are sold at the fair and prizes are awarded to the best breeders.