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Celebrated In : Jalgaon, Maharashtra.
Duration : 10 Days
Presiding Deity : Goddess Maha Laxmi
The Navaratra Mahalaxmi temple is situated in the heart of Jalgaon town. It is a storeyed stone building with a 'Kalash' at the top. On all the four sides brass bars have been fitted instead of walls to allow sufficient light to enter the temple.
The back of the deity's throne is plated with silver sheets 41x41 in size bearing fine engraving. At the back of the Goddess there is a 'Pindi' of Lord Shiva and an image of Ganapati and in the rear is installed an idol of God Hanuman three and half inches high facing the west.
A fair is held at the temple for 10 days from Ashvina Sud.1 to Ashvina Sud. 10. People from Jalgaon town and nearby villages mostly attend this fair.