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Celebrated In : Chamba Valley, Himachal Pradesh.
Started in : 935 A.D.
Time of the festivity : Month of August.
Duration : One Week
This is an event that people in the Chamba Valley wait for all year. This is celebrated each year in August. The fair lasts for one week.
Thousands of tribal people and tourists congregate in the Chamba Chaugan. On the final day, a procession starts from the 'Akhand Chandi' Palace and goes to the bank of the Ravi River.
The Minjar is offered to the river Ravi. A Minjar consists of a coconut, a coin, a fruit, and a few sherfs of paddy are tied in a piece of red cloth.
The fair started in 935 A. D. when the Raja of Chamba defeated the ruler of "Trigarta," now known as Kangra. On his return, a celebration was held, and he was greeted by people with sherfs of paddy and maze.