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Location : Tilwara, Barmer Distt., Rajasthan.
Feature : Cattle Fair
Time of the festivity : March - April
Mallinath Fair is one of the biggest cattle fairs of Rajasthan held annually near Tilwara, a village in Barmer District from Chaitra Budi Ekadashi to Chaitra Sudi Ekadashi (March-April). It lasts for a fortnight wherein the highly popular breeds of cows, camels, sheep, goats and horses attract people not only from Rajasthan but also Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. People of all castes and creeds participate freely in the fair.
The fair is believed to have originated from transactions, which took place among admirers of Rawal Mallinath, a local hero, who used to travel to Tilwara on well-bred animals to meet him. A shrine dedicated to Mallinathji is located here and people make offerings of 'batashas' and 'laddoos'. When their wishes are fulfilled, they offer miniature horses at the shrine. Traders from Mathura, Agra and Aligarh bring horses made of wood, brass and bronze to sell at the fair. Mallinath Fair
On the opening day of the fair, the flag of Rawal Mallinathji is hoisted to the accompaniment of songs extolling his greatness.
Bullock, camel and horse races are organised at the fair and thorough bred animals compete against each other on the dry river bed. The prize-winning animals sport white badges on their heads and command high prices at the fair.
Apart from shops selling normal utility items and agricultural implements, there is a separate market for fodder at the fair.