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Location : Sonana, Pali Distt., Rajasthan
Temple : Shri Sonana Khetlaji
Time of the festivity : Chaitra Shukla Budi of the Lunar Calendar
Attraction : Horse Show
The famous shrine of Shri Sonana Khetlaji in the village Sonana of district Pall is the site of the two day Khetlaji fair, held every year on Chaitra Shukla Budi of the lunar calendar fair attracts, large number of devotees who congregate here during the fair held in honour of the deity, Khetlaji. It is, held by many devotees that the deity has powers to grant wishes. Many devotees arrive to pray for fulfilment of their wishes, for thanksgiving, after their wishes have been granted.
The fair is a grand occasion for the local populace from the adjoining area, who pour in, dressed in their best, right from day-break. It is also a gala occasion for shopping. Traders of all kinds can be seen doing brisk business. Body tattooing shops are also the hot-spots of activity and troupes of Gair dancers add colours to these festive spirits. One can identify the various styles of Gair as each area has a style peculiar to it and representatives of most Styles can be seen performing here.
However, it is the hundreds of horses at the fair that steal the show. Thoroughbred and well trained 'Marwari' horses perform many a trick and even dance to the rhythms of local drums much to the amazement of the onlookers.