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Celebrated In : Haryana
Organised by : Haryana Tourism
Held in : Nahar Singh Mahal
The Kartik Cultural Festival of Haryana, held at the Nahar Singh Mahal is the result of the consolidated effort of Haryana Tourism working with a number of allied agencies.
With the main aim of promoting the fort ambience, martial arts both Indian classical music and dance and a rich variety of folk theatre, it was planned to hold the Kartik Cultural Festival. The festival had given new life to dying folk arts, martial arts and worked to bring traditional folk dances and music to the national stage.
The Kartik Cultural Festival was held at the Nahar Singh Mahal that lies in Ballabgarh town. It is at these grounds that Haryana Tourism and the Ballabgarh Beautification Society celebrate the Nahar Singh Mahal Kartik Cultural Festival, every November. The fort, the venue of the festival, was built by the forefathers of Raja Nahar Singh around 1739 AD.