Fast, Fairs and Festivals of India Fast, Fairs and Festivals of India
Celebrated In : Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Celebration of : Arts & Crafts
Time of the festivity : Every Sunday From November to February
Exhibiting The World Of Arts
The Kala Ghoda Fair is a celebration of arts and crafts held on every Sunday from November to January. This fair is held in Mumbai near the Jehangir Art Gallery.
Kala Ghoda, the much touted art district of the city, brings together the works of artistes in the fields of music, dance, theatre, film, and of course art offering an interactive cultural mélange for Mumbaites.
The Kala Ghoda Association was established in 1988, with the aim of improving the existing infrastructure of the area, and giving it a distinct identity as Mumbai's art district. The Kala Ghoda fair also hopes to be a catalyst for the revival of art across Mumbai.
Activity At Mumbai's Art District
The area is transformed into a pedestrian plaza where one can treat himself to a rare experience. Walk past aesthetically designed kiosks, take an eyeful of portrait painters recreating one's image artistically, watch a master potter breathe life into clay, set one's palms aglow with traditional mehendi or adorn your arms with exotic bangles made specially for you.
Hear the history of the various art forms passed down through generations from the master craftsmen, who are only too willing and enthusiastic to narrate. Browse through book shops and music shops, watch a parrot unfold your future, hold your breath for the tightrope walker, get enchanted by the magician, see the puppeteer pulling strings or just pause beneath the leafy boughs of a banyan tree, and let the atmosphere seep in.
One can treat oneself to the varied cuisine that Maharashtra offers, savor a traditional Parsi breakfast or walk into the famous Max Mueller Bhavan and feast one's senses on a collection of award winning Indian films.
As the sun begins to inch towards the Arabian sea, and shadows lengthen into the cool evenings, get ready for a heady mix of folk dancers, musicians and singers. The venues for the activities are the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), the David Sasson Library Garden, the Jehangir Art Gallery, among others within the area. The sights, sounds, rhythm, beat and love of rural India take centre-stage. The lights twinkle on every branch and it's time to head for home.