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Celebrated In : Mylapore, Chennai, Tamilnadu
Idols worshipped : 63 Nayanmars
Time of the festivity : March - April
Architecture : Dravidian Architectural Style
Ensample of Dravidian Architecture
An exquisite depiction of Dravidian architecture is the Kapaleeshwara (also spelt as Kapaleeshwar) temple with its massive and intricately carved gopuram towering into the sky.
This 8th century Pallava temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated in the traditional part of Chennai at Mylapore. The main deity, Lord Shiva, is worshipped as "Kapaleeshwarar" and Goddess Parvati as "Karpagambal". The temple is very famous and attracts thousands of devotees especially during festival days.
The bronze idols of the 63 Nayanmars, the saints who were devotees of Lord Shiva are placed within the Kapaleeshwarar Sannadhi. The Nayanmars glorified Lord Shiva with enchanting hymns. In March - April during the Arubathimoovar festival all the Nayanmars are taken in a colourful procession through the streets of Mylapore.