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Horoscope Calculation


(Birth Horoscope Model)

Aryabhatt Horoscope module is one of the most elaborate software that provides the facility of maximum amount of calculation, the calculations are sufficient for any of astrological predictions or working out the time frame of specific events. Yet the software is most precise(meeting the NASA standards) and very easy to operate. The software is ideal for Astrological Consultant, Horoscope providers and also for individuals for day to day astrological consultations. It is suitable for both business and individual purpose.

The software has the facility to calculate the following main options :

Birth Description, Planetary degrees, positions, speed
Lagn Kundli, Karkatva, Avastha, Rashmi, Grah Bala, Tara Chakra
Moon Kundli, Navamansha Kundli, Sudarshna Chakra
Chalit, Nirayan Bhav Chalit
Sayan System, K.P. System
Grah Drishti, Bhav Drishti
Shadd Varga, Dash Varga, Shodas Varga Table
Maitri Chakras, Bhav Bhal, Vinsopak Bal, Shadd Bal
Prastaraskvarga tables, Sarvastakvarga tables
Vimsottari Mahadasha, Anterdasha, Pratyentar, Sukshma & Pranpad Dasha
Tribhagi Dasha System
Astottari Dasha System
Yogini & KaalChakra Dasha System
Nakshtra Predictions, House Predictions, Bhav Based predictions
Beneficial points
Sadesati Vichar & Remedies
Manglik Vichar & Remedies
Stone Remedies & Procedure for wearing stones
Dasha based Prediction


Planetary Positions : One of the finest point of our astrology software is the precise position of planets as compared to Ephemeries. The positions are checked for almost thosands of data and are found to be very accurate.
Sudarshan Chakra : One of the most significant astrological representation of various planets. Our software provides the facility of displaying and printing both the Modern Sudarshan Chakra and Tradional one. The planets are placed very nicely
AstakVarga : Another highlighting feature of our software is the Astakvarga tables, Which are printed in very concise manner. The astakvarga tables are refined to work out Prastakvarga and Sarvaastakvsrga. Further research is going on to make astakvarga more elaborate and more useful. So as to reach on to the precise results.
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K.P. Pages : The real genius, he has worked out the new concept of Astrological calculation for the accurate and precise predictions. The System is based on Lord and Sublord at given period of time. Our software has the optional attachment for Sub Sub Lord.

Different Kundli Style : One of another unique feature available in our software is facility to view different Kundlies just at the click of button. The software is equipped with North Indian Kundli, South Indian Kundli, Oriya, Bengali and Western Kundli. The user has the choice to view or print any kundli style on its choice.

Multiple Kundli System : One of the best option in software to view multiple kundlies on one page. Various kundlies can be clubbed down to print on single page according to required size or style.
Multiple Language System : The simplest and most powerful feature in the software is the change of language just at the click of button. Unlike other softwares, You don't have to come out of software to change language. Simply a click, changes the whole Horoscope according to the desired language.
Sky View Facility : The new creation, will be very useful for the astrologers and for astrology enthusiast. The facility provides animated graphical view of the sky at any particular period of time. It keeps on changing itself, according to changing time. It can also be controlled to animate on each second, hourly basis, daily basis, monthly basis or yearly basis. As per the requirement of the user.
Panchang System : We are also putting the multiple panchangs in the software. So the user from any part of India can feed or check the dates according to its own panchang.
Graphical View Facility : Another new addition in our software is graphical display of different Astrological results. That can be used to have the glance of positive or negative events expected to occur in the coming period.
Numerology : Another predictive technique which is widely gaining publicity these days. We have taken extreme pains in designing the Numerology software to make it more unique and accurate. The sofware has taken care of all the aspects of numerology.
Astro - Vaastu : The talk of the day. Vaastu is being the most hot topic these days. People are running here or there to have guidance of vaastu. Most of the people who do not have the much knowledge of Vaastu are working as Vaastu Consultant. Which has created the situation of confusion among people. Our Software provides brief guidance on Vaastu on the basis of one's individual horoscope. Soon we are going to have detailed Vaastu version of our software. That will include full details of the vaastu principals.
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Horoscope Calculation
Horoscope Calculation