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Roads along West and South of the site are also favourable, specially with respect to the health of the residents.

Road along West and South

A site with the blockage of the road is not good.

Blockage of the rood is not good

Note : The concepts of the roads are not independent. Negative situations of the roads can be balanced with other Vastu - Factors.

Heavy material store - room should always be in South - West.
In no case, heavy materials are to be kept at South-East, North - East or even at North - West corners. Centre should never be loaded.

Material Store Room

Study room, should be towards North - East or towards East.

Study Room

Master bedrooms should be towards South or Towards the West or South.

Bedrooms for children should be towards North - East or the North or East.

Bedrooms for children

Note : If North - East corner is also covered within the rooms, then that should be left vacant. No bed should cover the corner.

In a factory, heavy machines or plants should be fixed within South to West covering South-West angle. It must not be fixed at North - West or South - East angle.

Heavy machines and plants

However, here again the electric motors, switches and fire materials should be towards South - East and water tanks, etc. should be towards North - East zone.
Raw materials in a factory should be stored in South - East or in the mid of the Western side.

Electric Motors
Office temple should be located in the reception hall. The icons or the photo should face towards the East there. The Cash-amounts of the office should be kept in a specific safe in the North zone of the office and that must open towards East or North. If it is within the office - head cabin, then also the same principle should be followed.
A simple arrangement of an office is clear from the say diagram below :
Plants Related to Vastu
Plants play an important role in deciding the vastu of a place, hence few concepts regarding the gardens and important plants are also being given below:
Gardens in a house or factory should always be either in the north or in the West within the limits of the same.
However, the plantation should not cover East or South portions.
Plantation Plantation
Other favourable and non favourable sites for plantations are as under :
If a plot has elevation towards 'Vayavya' and depression towards 'Aagneya;' it falls in Vaishvanariveethi. It is medium and carries fire troubles. No factory should be established there upon. Surface Level
Surface Level When a plot is elevated in the "Aagneya" and depressed in "Vayavya", i.e. the condition reversed to that of Vaishvanariveethi, the same is called Pitamahiveethi and is fruitful.
There must not be a central depression on the plot. It is very negative. Hence, before purchasing, first bring it to the level and then contract.
Surface Level
Heigher Level The plot at the higher level to the road is good.
Relations of roads to the Site :
The favour or non favour of a site also depends upon the roads in its vicinity. Important concepts regarding roads and relations are as under :
If a site is surrounded by roads on all the four sides, It is very positive. But it is to be noted that these roads should not intersect the interior axes of the site as is clear in the following diagram:
Intersecting Road
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