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Just see, if you are one of these ?

tick.gif (122 bytes) Are you interested to discuss online with an  astrologer regarding your problem, your business, your love life, your career, your health, your relations,  your future, your sex life, your career, studies, profession and about any ups and downs in your life ?

tick.gif (122 bytes) Do you feel that, there are always lots of questions remain un-answered when you   take consultancy services on the INTERNET ?

tick.gif (122 bytes) Do you have experieced with any  website, that the answers given are not according to your expectations or not the what you are looking for ?

tick.gif (122 bytes) Do you think that the answers given through the email, lacks the personal touch and are more or less the routine kind of reply. Not analysed deeply by the astrlogers ?

If you are one of these.... read further....

This is something special we have planned for our VISITORS.   Breaking the routine method of Astrolgical consultancy by email.

This unique
"Guide Me" is designed according to your needs. The service consist of 30 minutes of complete online consultation through  MSN (hotmail, yahoo or any other platform) to discuss on your horoscope. Replying to different questions raised by you.

Our astrologers will guide you through the complexities of your horoscope. And suggest you for do's and dont's according to your horoscope.  The remedies are also suggested at the end of discussion session. And will also be sent to you via email.

The complete text of discussion will also be mailed to you. So that you can later go through the details of the things discussed with us.

That's not all..........

- We are not very rigid for the timings of 30 minutes. If we mutually feel that, your horoscope still requires more discussion, the period will be automatically extended by another 5 minutes (No Extra charges).

- And in special considerative cases, it may goes up to 40 minutes of  online discussion. However after that, you will have to renew the time period by making some extra payment.

- We know you will be surprised by this.   In case if you feel that, you are not satisfied by this service and guidance. TAKE YOUR FULL MONEY BACK. Just say, I am not satisfied.

The complete payment will be reverted back to your account, No questions asked.

But, we are sure......You are not going to opt for this........
It is our experience and command on horoscopes analysis, that  has made us feel so. Our astrolgoers have more than 17 yrs. of experience of Horoscope Consultancy. We promise you, we will make you beleive in Astrology.

How it Works ?

  • It starts with your registration for the service (Filling your Birth Data)
  • This also includes simple questionare, for knowing your horoscope better and to save your time during online consultation.
  • Payment on our Secure Server (Verisign Certified) or through Demand Draft.
  • You will receive a confirmation email of your registration.
  • Payment Clearance mail
  • You are asked to specify mutually comfortable timings and the mode of online chatting.
  • The date and timing will be fixed up.
  • This will be followed by ONLINE CONSULTATION PROCESS.
  • In case you fail to turn up at mutually decided time. We will give you the option to opt for some other time. But don;t take liberity of it. As this facility expires, if you fail to turn-up on three fixed timings.
  • However, we are always ready to consider the exceptional cases with sufficient proof.

What happens, if I want to ask some thing more....after few days of taking this service

Don't worry, you can send email to us. We will reply you to your problem. In case you want to come online we can give you 5 more minutes on mutually decided timings.

Our Charges

The charges for this service are Just Rs. 1000/= but for the special introduction we are keeping these charges at Rs. 800/= (up to next 20 Days)

Terms & Conditiont;Guide Me" Services

1. These services can be used to discuss the horoscope of any person at a time. However, if our astrologer, feels that it is necessary to discuss anybody else horoscope, he may ask you for that.

2. In case, if the connection is terminated during the chatting due to any reason. Then some other time shall be alloted after mutual consent. However, this will only be the remaining time. I.e. total time minus availed time.

3. In case of money back ("Not satisifed"). The issue should be raised within  10 minutes of activation of   consultancy session in the chat mode. After that there will be no refund of the fees. However if you raise the issue, with in 10 minutes. We assure you of  payment back, no question asked.

4. As for the "Payment Back", it normally takes 24-48 hrs. in the completion of the process.

5. The Astrological guidance and remedy solution(s)  in regard to your query, questions and problem will be given as per the rules of vedic astrology and other principles prevailing in India.

6. We always focus on giving true and genuine reply to our visitors.

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